Business Insurance


One of Mills and Sons core services is business insurance. Our team understands that every business is different and has unique insurance needs. For this reason, we have developed a complete business program to serve our business clientele.

Program Development

  • Establish relationship with business owners
  • Analyze management objectives for future needs
  • Assist in developing a comprehensive insurance program

Program Design

  • Analyze exposure and recommend coverage and enhancements to meet objectives
  • Present alternative coverages and concepts for consideration
  • Compare program competitiveness with other industry markets

Routine Services

  • Newsletters and other communication on topics of interest to business owners
  • Annual review of property values, limits of liability, deductibles, coverage enhancements and new exposures
  • Review of sales and payroll for auditing information
  • Quarterly review of claims
  • Annual review of Workers Compensation Experience Modifications


  • Pre-renewal strategy meeting
  • Summarize and compare benefits of all proposals
  • Present comparisons of qualified insurance plans

Loss Prevention

  • Provide literature and videos to employees for loss prevention
  • Loss prevention inspections to identify hazards
  • Assist management with developing loss prevention strategy

Financial Services

  • Maintain program on a cost effective basis
  • Negotiate renewals and review funding alternatives
  • Present funding options

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